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As the years have passed, I truly love the art of makeup and photography. All of those years appliying makeup, retouching photos and holding the reflector for so many of L.A.'s top photographers was a great education. Not only did I begin to understand lighting and composition, I also learned how to help our clients express their own unique personality and feel comfortable in their own skin.

It's difficult to feel relaxed and comfortable in front of a camera, especially when you have little to no experience. A good photographer is able to facilitate the photo shoot in a way that makes it an enjoyable experience for veterans and first-timers alike. It's not something they teach you in photography school. It takes experience and the right person to make people feel right at home. Most importantly, I want my clients to enjoy the experience as much as I do. Perhaps that's why most of my clients tell me they feel they've known me for years!


Photography by Shawn. Los Angeles, CA -Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Woodlands Hills

Shawn Flint Blair, Creative Artist.



Shawn Hair_Video 2023
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